Friday, June 7, 2013


Happy Friday! It has been a long week with a house full of strep throat the last few days to top it off..Cant wait for school to be out so maybe we can get a break from the germs...oh I how I hope. 

Planning on having a yard sale tomorrow to clear out some of the clutter (to make money to buy some more) I have a problem with that..  I would like to have some time to finish up and get started on some projects, number one being redoing the boys room. Let me tell ya it is in desperate need! Their room is right off the living room and you might be able to see me through the window doing a mad dash  (like in a baseball game sliding on the ground to home base) to close their door when the door bell rings, its that bad hehe.. and I have the rug burns to prove it.. j.k. (no carpet in my house but it sounded good) Here is the list:

  • Paint this desk I scored on Craigslist            

I plan on putting this in the boys room

  • Paint the boys dressers, They have decided on the colors they like, which are grey, navy blue, and orange. The dressers are going to painted Navy, and the desk I was thinking a light grey color, this room is our inspiration.. (instead of black imagine navy)

 But before all the painting and fun stuff can happen the dreaded cleaning out of things and making a trip to the thrift shop to donate (if I can whip this out today it will go in the yard sale). I will be prepared to hear lots of whining and I am bored's from them before this all over. That's ok I have ear plugs and I'm not afraid to use them.. (hear that kids I am armed and ready hehe)

  • And last I am going to attempt to make two headboards myself (who am I kidding I will beg and plead with the hubby to help me), like the ones in the photo above. I have two pieces of plywood all ready to go, and two egg foams (ya know the old school things that you put on top of your mattress that looks like the inside of a egg carton, before the fancy tempurpedic ones came out) Ya I'm old school like that..they are A LOT cheaper than foam. I got mine from now where else but a yard sale. I still have to order the fabric so that will be one of the last things finished. Maybe I have bit off more that I can chew?? Probably but that's how I roll. 
Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh you'll have NO problem doing those headboards! Seriously. You'll rock 'em out. Sorry to hear about the strep. :( HUGE bummer!

  2. Thanks, Im gonna give it my best try!


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