Monday, May 6, 2013


This weekend was filled full of dirt and weeds! Literally a trash can full, oh and a sun burn, forgot to put on my sunblock..ouch! My patio was in a horrible state let me tell ya, but its looking better. I need color for sure, so the first thing I want to do is recover some pillows I found at a yard sale with some fabric I had left over from THIS bench project, its called Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood In Admiral, you can find it Here if your curious.


 I also have two patio chairs on the other side of the sofa that I want to make some pillows for too. I would love an outdoor rug and I had planned on using my living room rug which is an indoor outdoor rug I posted about Here, has very little color so I am on the fence about using it. I just might give a good cleaning and put it on Craigslist instead, then use the money to replace it. 

There is an Ikea trip coming up for me in a couple weeks (woohoo yey!!)so I may just hold out until then, they have super cheap prices, and I love a good deal! Here is a picture of my current rug in my living room, what do you guys think? Not enough color?


Here is a little snipit of the patio progress, and guess what? After all that hard work it's raining! (See the pillow mark on the sofa? Its all wet out here) What a bummer, hopefully it wont last long. Have a great day!

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