Tuesday, May 14, 2013


A couple of years back I was so in love with the idea of a slip covered white sofa. They looked so clean and fresh and made all decor "pop out" around them. I love high contrast designs and couldn't wait to get my hands on one. We had our previous  furniture for 6 years and it was falling apart, it was completely broken down rips, stains and all and it was a burgundy red color( no one of my favorite colors). It may have been because we only paid $600 bucks for them brand new for the sofa and the love seat, the price definitely reflected the quality in this case.

I had a sneaky idea that on one of our San Fransisco trips we could swing by Ikea and just pick up some new furniture! ( Like how I just made that seem so non-shalant no big deal right?) It took some major convincing begging (maybe a little nagging too) at the hubby but I had convinced him finally. Now the fact  that we didn't own a truck on top of it  was an obstacle  in its self, but when a girl is determined to get her new white furniture I had to find a way to make it work. We ended up borrowing a friends truck for our trip (a terrific friend, thank you) and the sofa and love seat came home with me. I sold our old furniture to a college student here locally to help purchase the new set ( we did sit on the floor for a few days) that was no fun, but worth it I thought.

The point of this post is even though I thought that I desperately  wanted a white slip covered sofa and loveseat, I am sorta of regretting that now :( I love the fact that you can remove the covers and wash them and that is what really did sell me on this idea of having white, but kids and a dog can really make white dirty quick. I know you can purchase new slipcovers for them ( I got the ektorp line) they can be really expensive, your almost able to buy a whole new set ( the actual sofa and loveseat) for the price of one sofa and one loveseat cover!  My sofa always looks so frumpy and disheveled too, cushions mashed down the cushions sliding off things like that..see my pic of  the sofa, its embarrassing but hey this is real life in my home..

I wish I would have chosen the Karlstad line, it comes in this awesome grey color (dirt less noticeable) and just looks more put together I guess is the word I am looking for.

I may just have to beg the hubby one more time (wish me luck) to sell our set and purchase the Karlstad set in the grey color. We do have only a few days left before our trip I hope I can pull this off, we will see.Anyone else having buyers remorse about thinking you love something until real life interrupts?

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