Friday, April 26, 2013


Happy Friday Y'all!
This week again just flew by! Here is what I hope I will get done this weekend:

1. Bling out my living room chairs I posted about here.  Ya know so I can sit in my blinged out chair "throne" and have the kids and hubby wait on me and feed me grapes, while fanning me and stuff, it's ok to dream right? hehe, anyways back to reality, I ended up ordering the nail heads online, I am hoping they show in the mail today.

2. Getting my gold finger on, Ya Baby (if your wondering what the heck that means..Austin Powers says it best) I scored these awesome tables last year from World Market on our San Fransisco trip and have been taking my sweet time deciding if I wanna spray paint them gold. I think the color they are now is fine, but I cant leave well enough alone..yep that's me, miss gotta change everything. I think I just might have to do this weekend. 

3. I am gonna be ordering some materials online hopefully today (if I can squeeze in some time) for a BIG project(think wall treatment) This one is gonna take me some time to complete, but its gonna be so much fun! I will give you a little hint..Two Clues for one word.. the first part of this words clue is..the name of the stuff you mow, a lot in the summer time.. and the second part of this words clue is the alternative to disposable diapers..put these two words together and there you have it. Can you guess it? Leave me a comment with your guesses I think this would be fun?? Right? 

 Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


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