Friday, April 12, 2013


Happy Friday!! I Wanted to share a small update that I made yesterday. I have been admiring sea fans lately, ya know the big beautiful super colorful ones that you put in a frame and hang on the wall. A searching I went for them. I went to eBay and found some of these beauts, but nothing that I could afford at the moment, so I had an idea. I went on the internet and found a super cool picture of one, downloaded it (it was free),and saved it to a flash drive. 

I went to my local printing place and had it printed out on just plain ole paper, I got two. It only cost me 80 cents for the two, super cheap!!  They looked pretty good, so in a couple of frames they went. They add a lot of color to this space, which is something I needed I guess, because after I hung them up the wall just came alive. This is a cheap way to add color and fill your wall space. Here are some pictures, sorry my pictures came out horrid, It has been really gloomy here, no sun=bad pictures...

Have A Great Weekend!


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