Monday, April 8, 2013


Happy Monday!! I wanted to share a little update with you, remember a while back when I posted about how I desperately needed an "office space"? Really I just needed a desk because I have no official "office". Well I have been saving my pennies since that day for the x leg desk that I showed you in that post. I finally got it! I found this desk $100 dollars cheaper on They have promo codes, free shipping and no taxes! Totally awesome, right? I must say I do love it, it is the perfect height and the top is super roomy, plenty of room for all my stuff. I officially feel like a grown up sitting at my desk! I will leave you guys with some pictures of her...Have a great Monday Peeps!

If you decide to get this desk, it comes in a super heavy HUGE box so you will need some help.

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