Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hey everyone, sorry I missed a post yesterday but this bug that my kiddo and I caught has been a doosy let me tell ya. Ya know that bug you get and its not so bad at first and you think its gonna pass, but then the next day you wake up and you are worse, and the next it is even worse...yep that's the kind we got this time. We are starting to feel a little better today though thank goodness, I get so antsy just lying around all day. I am definitely a busy bee at heart.

I wanted to show you guys a cool little "tip". Making pillows out of napkins. Yep napkins the kind you wipe the food off your face with at the dinner table. (I recommend not using the napkins first to wipe away food, nobody likes a crusty pillow..hehe ) Anyways, I have seen lots and lots of really awesome patterned napkins at just about every store I have shopped in, and making pillows outta of these guys are sooo simple. They are already cut for you and everything! I just got some cheap white fabric and used my napkin as a guide and cut me out a piece of fabric the same size and sew it together. If you cant sew, or don't have a sewing machine, I love to use stitch witchery. Just iron and shabam its done. You can always use two napkins and sew them together too if you don't have any fabric laying around. The cool thing is if you shop around you can always find napkins on clearance, so its a super cheap way to add some color and pattern!

I ordered these napkins from World Market when they went on Clearance. I ordered them in blue and natural color. I liked the blue a lot more so I made a couple of these pillows..

The total cost of these pillows were maybe $3 bucks a piece. I save all of my old pillows, ugly or not, so that I can use them as an insert. No body will ever know whats lurking behind...promise.Well that's it for today peeps see you tomorrow I hope!

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