Friday, April 19, 2013


Happy Friday Y'all! My weekend will hopefully be a productive one this week...fingers crossed.. I plan on "pimping" out my living room chairs with none other than....nail heads! I am so in love with anything that has nail heads applied. I think it adds a certain elegance and that extra "wow" detail. 

I just started looking online for a large quantity of these guys at an affordable price. I have a couple leads, but need to make sure I get the best bang for my buck. I will be headed to the craft store too just to take a peek at what they have and their prices, but I am thinking that ordering them online would be the cheapest. That being said I might have to wait until next weekend to "pimp" out my chairs, I don't know we will see.  

What do you guys think about nail heads? Do you think they are too "flashy" or elegant? You know what I think, I would love to do a poll on this, so don't be shy, let me know. I hope you all have a terrific weekend!!

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