Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I was at the thrift store last week and I have a ritual route that I walk in this store, first stop, craft section. Some days you can find really neat stuff and some days find nothing at all. This day I was there I found this, a huge spool of piping for $2.00 . It is a not so pretty green color, but I could totally recover it, so on to find some black fabric. A couple steps away I found some and it was only .50 cents. Ye-haw, don't you just love it when that happens? It doesn't happen too often for me so I had to throw in the ye-haw.. 

The reason I needed black fabric to cover this piping is because I have had this awesome fabric called Windsor Smith Riad in Jet, that's the official name, I just call it that totally awesome fabric in black and white.. laying around for way too long. I want to make some more pillows (yes more pillows, sorry I have a obsession) for my chairs. 

I have never used piping before so I just winged it and recovered the ugly green fabric,now gonna go to YouTube and watch a video and learn how to attach it to my fabric the proper way. I could just wing it again but, I love this fabric too much and don't wanna ruin it. So I'm crossing my fingers I get this last part done before the week is up. I will post the final product.Until next time peeps, have a great day!!

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