Thursday, April 11, 2013


I finally finished, woot, woot! The pillows that is. Gotta give myself a pat on the back, I said I would get these done this week and holy cow I actually did it, early even!! And let me tell ya they look simple and easy to make but they weren't. Thank goodness for a seam ripper. I probably sewed and removed oh about 10 times..hehe. I have never used piping before and am not the avid sewer so it  took me twice as long as it should have. The Voice and Survivor were my motivation to get these done. Two of my favorite shows, had to get to a certain point before I could watch them, a silly little goal I set for myself, but it worked!

 If you were wondering where I got my fabric, I found it on eBay super cheap. This fabric can usually only be purchased for the trade (you have to be a designer with a license) and is around $75.00 a yard, I know.. yikes..but, Ebay price for 2.5 yards was $47.00. Huge difference! I have plenty left over after these guys were done too to use on another project. I mixed my high end fabric with cheap thrift store fabric and cording together, can u tell? I cant, gotta love that! 

Oh and you see those mirrors above the chairs? I have an itch to paint them, more than likely a nice white. These corners of the room feel dark to me and the black mirrors make it more dreary. I plan on re-painting the walls a grey color I posted about HERE, and I think the mirrors would look a lot better white, what do you think, white or leave them black? Sometimes I get locked in my own head and need some new perspectives on things, that's were you guys come in (I hope). I really do value each and every comment and opinion from my readers. I just wanted to say thank you so very much! Here are the pictures as promised, Hope each and every one of you have a fantastic day!!

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