Thursday, March 21, 2013


I been recently getting an itch to repaint my living and dining room. I cant seem to keep a color on the walls for more than a year or so. Its one of my ocd's I guess..I been eying some gray colors, but grays have so many variations of undertones, from purple, browns, and blue undertones. So which one do I choose? There are so many to pick from. brain could hardly handle the choices. I have been to the paint store several times already gathering some paint chips, but I think I have finally chose one.  Yea victory! (Fingers Crossed) but don't hold me to it quite yet (I keep going back and forth between two) The one I am leaning towards is call Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray. This is a true Gray with hardly no undertone's. I am really loving this one.


The other paint color I am also considering is called Benjamin Moore Owl Grey. This is also a very true Gray, but this one is a little on the lighter side.

 In this photo it gives me an idea of how it would look in a darker setting, the color appears darker on the walls. 

I will decide by this weekend and hopefully get started soon, wish me luck! See you on Monday!!

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