Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Happy Wednesday!! In yesterday's post about my new brand crush Threshold, I shared the awesome turquoise blue curtains I got at Target this weekend. Well I had two pictures hanging right next to these said curtains that just didn't give these baby's justice. Remember when I had talked about these agates that I picked up at a yard sale?  I posted about turning these agates into lamp finials  I posted about here, well I had several of these agates left. I had originally got these to frame but I had it stuck in my head that they were too small for that idea, crazy me...I dug these guys out  and stuck one in a frame (just a test run) to see how it would look, and I was wrong! They looked great! So I whipped out my super glue and started to take apart my frames...

I just took the agate and put the super glue on the back side and plopped it right down in the middle. I put my mat down to make sure that it was in the middle of the mat, no measuring. Then I just took a somewhat heavy book and sat it on top of the agate for about 5 minutes (yes I am impatient)  so that the weight would help the glue stick better like this:

After that 5  minutes I reassembled my frames and hung them back up. Super easy!! This project took me around 8 min to complete and 5 of that was drying time.  It was super cheap too, I picked up the agates and the frames at a yard sale. The agates I paid $3.00  for  around 10 of them and the frames I think I paid $2.00 a piece for. Well here is what they look like on the wall, I think they look pretty darn good with the curtains..

Thanks for stopping by, See you tomorrow!!

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