Monday, February 4, 2013


I have found myself being drawn to rocks lately..I know your probably wondering rocks?? Well they are actually not just plain old rocks you find outside on the ground, these are beautiful agates.

 I found a little box of these baby's at a yard sale last summer and thought I was going to frame them  but they were just a little on the small side for my taste for framing.  So I have another idea...I'm going to use them as finials (the things that screw onto your lamp that keeps the shade on) like these..

I think these could dress up any lamp, it adds that unexpected touch Don't you think so? So now to find these special finials...I went to eBay cuz you can find pretty much anything there and guess what I found these..

 These are finials that have prongs on the top so I can just take a little glue and slide them right in, and close the prongs and wallah. You can find them HERE. They are $3.92 plus $2.60 shipping for the first and only 12 cents for each additional. I placed my order today, so when I receive them I will post the finished product.So stay tuned..


  1. I love this idea!! I'm SO jealous you found those agates at a yard sale. What a killer find!

  2. Thanks, I am such a yard saler! In the summer I am out every weekend, you would be surprised what you find! It's So fun finding little treasures like these!


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