Sunday, February 17, 2013


Since starting my blog and uploaded my pictures, I have noticed how much I really need a decent camera. My pictures look ok until I upload them, after that they are just simply terrible. I have a simple point and shoot Kodak digital camera, and I often use my iphone 4s camera, but they just don't cut the cheese. I compare it to a professional chef trying to cook over a camp fire with one hand tied behind his back.

 I have done some research on photo editing for adding light, sharpening, cropping and so on and  I have been using Picsa and it seems to be ok,but I think it would work much better if the quality of pictures I started with were better.  I see so many beautiful pictures on many blogs and I wonder "what kind if camera's are they using"? Their photos look fantastic! The photo's are so clear and bright you can actually see the details, that's important. Mine are just a blurry mess.Do not adjust your screen, yes these are my pictures...I need to put that disclaimer below all my pictures..hehe

That question led me to where I am  now, sitting on the couch with my laptop in my face for many hours trying to find an affordable yet good quality camera..I have found DSLR camera's are the "best" choices. The problem now is what brand do I choose, and which one in my price range is the best choice?? These are the ones I have been looking at..

This is the Cannon Rebel  XSI 12 mega pixels. 

And this the the Cannon Rebel XS 10.1 Mega Pixels.

These are in my price range at the moment, I found this one (the Rebel XS) at my local pawn shop for $260.00. It is on the older side but it looks like it has been barely used and it does come in the original box with all the instructions and software.As far as I read this is supposed to be a great camera with outstanding picture quality. I haven't made up my mind yet, anyone have any suggestions?? To be continued...

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