Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hey, hey! This is a project that only takes a few hours, this is a simple one.

I was a little obsessed with anything quatrefoil for a while, I still like it but I might have burned myself out on it a little...Anywho, I have seen several blog posts about how Lowe's Home improvement had these inexpensive version of the highly sought after quatrefoil mirror find it here . It was Christmas time and this is what I asked my hubby for.

  I think he got it for $55.00 with free shipping, not bad compared to some I have seen go for $6-8 hundred. Shipping was reasonably fast but it arrived with the mirror broke. So before putting  it back into the box, I had an idea..What if I just use this as a template and trace it onto wood and cut it out??I thought that would be pretty cool.

Off to the hardware store for a nice looking piece of plywood and some trim..I just picked a piece out that looked nice I don't remember what kind of wood it is, and the trim was just the cheapest stuff they had. I did ask them to cut the trim for me. After I got home with my plywood and trim, I laid the mirror on top of the plywood and took a pencil and traced the outside of it. Next, I got my jigsaw out and started cutting. I did drill holes where the pattern had sharp corners (the 4 corners). I had only used a jigsaw once before so its a little on the rough side..

After I got it cut out, I sanded it down a little to make the wood smooth. So for the trim, I gave it a quick coat of paint, and let it dry. Once dry I used some wood glue and small brad nails to attach it then used some clamps to help the glue along.I contemplated painting the wood, but I think I like the natural look of it.

 For hanging the mirror to the back I used these:

I slid my mirror in the slot and used the screws that came with the clips and screwed them right in and wallah.  I got my mirror from a thrift store and had it sitting around waiting to be used. I also attached this hanging hardware to the back and also used mirror hanging wire, the thick stuff.


Well thats it, enjoy your day!

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