Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today I wanted to share a little bit about one of my favorite chairs. I know just about every post I say "I got it at a yard sale" or "Craigslist", but it's the truth..I really try to keep most things that I buy on the cheap. When you have a family with kids especially, running a household is expensive. I think I have just a little bit of an obsession with buying things and re-doing them, I love that feeling of gratification when something needs some transformation...Some elbow grease, a can of spray paint and some fabric (a dress in this case) or a stencil makes such a huge difference.(Hopefully I'm just not weird..anyone else have this syndrome too)? I have done lots of projects and had I known I would eventually start a blog I would have taken LOTS more pictures.I do apologize for that but from now on pictures galore on my next projects.

So..I got this chair in the summer at a yard sale and thought it was a good size, nice and wide and was super sturdy with no wobbles, and solid wood. Just a tip if you are buying something that you are gonna use a lot like a chair give it a good inspection before you buy it.If there is some damage just make sure that it is fixable.You don't want your company coming over and falling to the floor cuz your chair gave out.. First I cleaned it really well, scuffed it up a little with some 120 grit sandpaper, wiped it down making sure all the dust was off. I primed it first, and let it dry for a couple hours,and went for my trusty spray paint. I used Rustoleums canary yellow on the first paint job. The second was Rustoleums sky blue.

Unfortunately I don't have a before picture, but I did paint this chair twice so there is a little transformation. (It was just a faded wood color before any painting, nothing special)

Here it is with the first paint job:

 I really like yellow, and I thought it would be fun to have this a bright cheery color, I lived with it for a couple of days and decided to change it.  It didn't really match the fabric and I didn't want to paint it my safe color (which is white) so this is what it ended up:

Again sorry for the awful pictures

The "fabric" is actually a dress that I had for a few years  that I didn't really wear and I thought the pattern would look super cool, so I laid it over the chair cushion, and I loved it! I didn't even have to cut the dress I just put the cushion through the dress like if you were putting it on to wear, and stapled it down to the underside, super easy! So go through your closet and don't be afraid to use a shirt, a scarf, or a dress as fabric, promise nobody will ever know... Thanks for letting me share with you, have a great one!

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