Thursday, February 28, 2013


I just wanted to start this post with a confession...yes I do have ALOT of faux flowers and even have a faux tree!Yep I am a Sir ( miss in my case) faux alot. I like them big, round, and fake...( that's and ode to one of my fav. songs as a kid) You know THAT song..I personally cant afford to have fresh flowers in my home at all times and another confession, I most times kill anything that is in dirt, so faux to the rescue. There are a lot of really nice looking fake trees and flowers out there and they have come along way from your grandma's fake plants and flowers. I think they look pretty darn close if not better than the real thing, and I  think company's caught on that there are lots of people (I hope) like me out there who couldn't keep a plant alive to save their own life.

Now some of these can be pretty expensive, but if you do some searching you can find good prices. I personally bought most of my fake little friends at Ross, and a couple from Home Goods. I think their prices are among the best. Joss and Main have some pretty decent prices sometimes too.My motto is don't be afraid to rock your faux's. If you love them and fresh flowers are not part of the budget, or you cant keep your plants alive rock the faux's! I will leave you with just a few of mine...

Do you rock the faux's?? Let me know!  Hope your day is great!!

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