Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Can you believe February is almost over?? I cant, this month just flew by so fast! No more Febuany from subway, (BIG frowney face) I have been there a lot this month, Mama loves me some turkey breast sandwiches with all the fixings hehe.. I am so exited that spring is on its way though. Speaking of February, I totally forgot to share what my hubby got me this Valentines day. I dropped him some MAJOR hints this year that I wanted this awesome pair of turquoise earrings from Kendra Scott. I have seen these every where and wondered who makes these and where can I get them?? I did a little googling  around and aha I found them. HERE is her website. I was in love with everything, but I only could ask for one thing which I was happy with. The earrings I wanted are called the Danielle Earrings, found HERE.

I waited for the V Day to arrive patiently (not so much) to see if the hubby ordered them and by golly he sure did! I opened up the box to this beautiful pouch



The earrings were even more beautiful..

Thank You my Sweet Hubby! You Truly Are The Best! I am sure you figured out that I LOVE these hehe..Here is a pic (side view) of them on..Whatcha guy's think??

See You Tomorrow!!


  1. Ooh those are STUNNING. I feel like you could wear them with anything too. Love!

  2. Thank You, I know I find myself wanting to wear them even with sweat pants and a ratty T-shirt, but thats probably not the most fashionable choice lol!


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