Monday, February 18, 2013


 Texture is the surface quality of an object, resulting from its three-dimensional structure, and is often used to describe the relative smoothness or roughness of a surface.Texture may be perceived by either touch or sight,it can be a smooth shiny surface or a rough nubby surface.In interior designing this is an important tool. Texture adds that something special to a space, it really is a powerful force, it creates a visually engaging room. That's what I think we all strive for.

When I say add texture, it can be anything like a weaved nubby basket filled with your favorite magazines, a furry throw pillow, raw wood logs in the fire place,smooth rock filled vases,a piece of coral or a silk throw.All things I personally love and am drawn to when I "window" shop.

 Mixing pattern with texture really work great together. Pattern is used in design to "fill" a space as does texture, so try and marry the two together without over doing it. I like to use pattern in different scales with similar colors, so you can mix the patterns, just make sure they have commonalty's in color. I love pattern and this way I can add more pattern till my hearts content and by mixing texture with pattern it really gives the eye a nice calming break.


 Speaking of patterns, I try and add them to the entire room, and not clump them up in one corner. It keeps the eye moving around the whole room and not just stopping in one spot (the corner).I hope this post helps with the saying "add some texture" and what that means.

BTW...when I get a camera (I talked about that in my last post) I will be a photo taking crazy brace yourself Effie (if anyone's wondering where that is from..its Mrs. Doubtfire, love that movie). I will have many photos to help with visualizing my posts..until then...this is all I gots. See you guys manana!

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