Friday, February 15, 2013


Good Morning Sunshine...That's what my little one Brandon said to me this morning. It was so darn cute!
My hubby and I were up a little bit past our bedtime last night watching this hilarious movie called The Change Up. This movie has three fo my favorite actors in it, Leslie Mann,  Jason Bateman, and Ryan Renalds. If you haven't seen it, I Highly recommend it, super funny.Anyways I always find myself looking at the decor in the background of the movies  I watch and I randomly just burst out with "oh look honey isn't that cool", or "oh I love that lamp", random things like that. My poor hubby, he always replies "yes I see it, Ya its cool" like a robot..just to amuse me(and shut me up)..I seen this duvet set in this movie and liked it a lot which kinda has the same feel as the one I have.

From the movie find it here

That is my inspiration for today's post, my duvet set that I finally got around to putting on my bed..
Its called Echelon Home Quatrefoil Duvet Set in midnight. Its a bold graphic print which I am such a huge fan of. I got mine HERE. Its super affordable and you get the duvet, and two pillow shams.

 I broke mine up a bit with a white duvet, I tried it without the white duvet and it was just a little bit too busy for me..This is how I liked it..

Much better this way, gives the eye some rest... Anyone else a fan of BOLD graphic prints??
Well that's all folks, see you tomorrow!

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