Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Home Decorator's Reflections Cabinet

When I discovered through an email last year that Home Decorator's was having a clearance sale on their Reflections Cabinets I let out a big ole squeal!! I have been eyeing these baby's for a long time, but they were totally out of my price range. I went to their site with my fingers, my toes, my legs crossed to see what the clearance price would be and if I could afford even the clearance price. Well it was my lucky day, I could afford this and they were offering free shipping too, woohoo! I got my cabinet for $300 with free shipping. I had been saving up some money to buy a dresser or some kind of cabinet for the new t.v. my hubby purchased, and of course the t.v. he chose to buy was a whopping 55 inches, so I needed a long something. (This was income tax time last year) we normally wouldn't have that kind of money for such a t.v. purchase.

The unfortunate thing was the day before this happy little email I received from Home Decorators,  I jumped the gun and bought a really awesome cabinet from the thrift store. I didn't spend a lot of money on this thrift store cabinet but I kinda felt a little guilty, what would I do with two cabinets??
I just couldn't pass up the Reflections cabinet, so yes I did buy it. The one I really wanted was out of stock which was this one:


This is the one that I ended up getting, it's still really nice even though I "settled" for it:

 The thrift store cabinet came home with me and we put the T.V. on it and that's where it has stayed for a whole year now. When the Reflections cabinet came I intended to switch the two around (put the t.v. on the reflections cabinet) but I just never got around to it. It has been in my dining room ever since. Well the time has come to do the switcharoo..Hopefully I will get it done within the next few days.. Maybe my bugaboo (hehe you like that ) will help me do it for me and be my muscle Here is the thrift store cabinet, (I love the brass hardware and the ring pulls,) I may end up painting this one, I haven't made up my mind on this one yet..but if I do I will be posting about it. What do you guys think the switcharoo is in order?? How about painting this cabinet??

ekk cords..they are everywhere in my house


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