Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have been looking for a couple of chairs for my living room for awhile now but has anybody noticed how darn expensive they are? So Craigslist it is,(Love you guy named Craig who created your list)! After looking for a few weeks I found two matching chairs woo hoo, and they are affordable, $25.00 each. Not too shabby. I begged the hubby to drive me in his truck about 15 miles so that I can look at them(I gave him the puppy dog eyes, it works every time hehe). Waiting with anticipation we finally arrived , I had my fingers crossed and... they looked a lot more yellow in person. Booo! The hubs  made a b-line to one of them,cuz he had to make sure they were comfy. He plopped down and did a little wiggle thing and then gave the thumbs up. He was sold cuz they are very comfy that's all that matters to him. Here he is...(sorry honey I had to)...

I had to give them a little wiggle test too and they are comfy but I was on the fence mainly because of the color. So I decided what the heck they are cheap and in really good shape, if I change my mind I can just re list them on Craigslist, I'm sure there is another person looking for chairs. So I bought them and got them home(hoping it didn't rain on the way home, that would have been a nightmare)! So here they are in the living room(sorry I moved lots of stuff around so its super messy). I'm still not sure if I like them..they are currently at my dads house awaiting their fate,  hmmm what do you guys think??

Any opinions??

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