Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy Friday!! Well I think I have officially made my brain mush,  non functional at times since I started my blog about 1 month ago. I am trying so hard to learn how to make "buttons" and how to customize my blog in appearance and in function. This stuff is hard!  HTML that is. This has even crept into my dreams..Yikes. Maybe I am overloading my brain with too much information at once because as you can see I have gotten nowhere...(me pulling out my hair) So I am asking if anyone know of a good video tutorial or a website that simplifies stuff I would love to hear about it! Thank You!

  Oh here is something I found at Ross the other day... Its a Foo Dog, wish they had two for a pair but could only find one. I scoured the whole store just to make sure but nope just the one. I may paint it, still deciding, my hubby says no he likes it this way, but I think it would look better sprayed white or turquoise what do you guys think?

He was only $11.99 so he had to come home with me!

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