Monday, March 4, 2013


Happy Monday!! It was a successful yard sale weekend for sure!  The weather around my part of the country has been not so nice to say the least. Dark, cloudy, and cold which usually means no outdoor sales...but there were 2 this weekend and yes I was there....I scored this really awesome chinoiserie lamp. I am pretty sure it is hand painted (you can tell because the art is not "perfect"), and it is old.

 Another give away that it is old is the cord. Here is a picture of the cord, see what I mean? The style, the color, and the shape gives away that it is not a "new" style cord.I recommend inspecting the cord BEFORE you plug it in because these are old they could have exposed wires which can shock you.

Yard sales, estate sales, and garage sales are a great place to find antique and valuable items. I paid $7 dollars for this lamp and I am sure it is worth A LOT more. Where else can you pay $7 for a lamp?? No store I have ever seen..I found one more item I will be talking about tomorrow and what I plan on doing to make it over so for now here is the lamp one more time...

 What are your favorite Yard Sale finds??

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