Monday, March 25, 2013


Happy Monday Ya'll!! It has been so gorgeous in my part of the country this last few days, spring has arrived! For those of you hit by the snow storm, stay warm and be careful, I hope it passes soon.

 My post today is a super easy way to add some pretty storage to your home. I don't know about you guys but I always have stuff floating around that I just don't want people to see. For example my son has random toys that he drags out on a daily basis from his room that no matter how much I put them back in his room they always end up back in the living area, so I take these toys and just pop them in these guys. I posted about these said storage containers HERE and I have a few more of these baby's left and I am hacking up a plan for the remaining ones ( I will post the finished product). Ok, to the point now.. 

Here is what I used:

  • Fabric (got mine from thrift store)
  • Krylon spray adhesive (Joanne's)
  • Stitch Witchery (Joanne's)
  • Staple Gun (Any Hardware Store)
  • Storage Container ( got mine from my hubby's work)  
You can use any container, old decorative box for this if you like.

First I wrapped my fabric around the bottom portion adding 1.5 inches for the seam, marked the end of my fabric, then cut it.
I moved on to the top of the container and placed the fabric on top, marked it 1.5 larger(so that it would cover the sides a bit), and cut that part out. 
I then just wrapped the fabric around the top again (for the diameter) and cut out a strip for the sides of the top. 
 Then I sprayed my adhesive on the bottom portion of the container, waiting about a minute for it to get "tacky"  then wrapped it around smoothing it out as I went. I did the same thing for the top.I used my staple gun to staple the fabric to the bottom, I guess I could have used the spray adhesive but I didn't want to risk getting glue on the floor.
For covering the lid that thin piece of fabric I used my stitch witchery and made like a little "belt" and just slid it over the lid. That's it super easy and it didn't take me long at all,maybe 30 minutes total.

Here is a price breakdown:

  • Container (Free)
  • Fabric ( $ 2.50)
  • Spray Adhesive ( $4.00)
  • Stitch witchery ($2.00)
  • Staple Gun (Already Had)
  • TOTAL: $ 8.50 

I guess you could use this as storage and a little side table too next to a chair, that would be cute like this with a tray and a flower. 

Tomorrow's post is gonna be about that "brand crush" of mine Threshold from Target  once again. Yes I went there again this weekend. See you tomorrow! 



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