Friday, March 8, 2013


Happy Friday!!  Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to get some projects I have been itching to get done...but today I wanted to share some ideas on affordable wall art that anyone can do. Sometimes filling your wall space can be daunting and most people just don't know what to hang on those walls without spending a fortune. Well here are some ideas...First, using things from nature is always going to be in style and getting outside and doing some collecting is always free, here are some examples..

         Isn't this beautiful? Sea shells inside a wood Frame, seems pretty Easy. 

            This coral art can be replicated with some twigs, glue and a can of white spray paint.

 Paint chip wall art is another super affordable option, just go to your local paint store and pick up some paint chip samples, most stores give them for free. Cut them into your desired shape and glue them on a canvas if you have one or make your own canvas from some cheap plywood.

This piece looks like you can take a hole puncher to some paint chips and glue them inside a frame(this one looks time consuming but probably worth it in my opinion).

If you are artistic and are comfortable with a paint brush this is beautiful..

Here I took some fabric scraps and put it in a frame for an interesting art piece.

Hope this helps with "what can I hang on my wall that is affordable" questions. Have a great weekend!!

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