Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bamboo Directors Chair

I promised to share about my second yard sale find from this weekend and here it is:

I know you are probably thinking it's nothing special right? Well I have plans for this. My plan is to paint the frame more than likely a glossy white, which because of the weather around here will have to wait. Rain+paint= a bog ole fat mess! But try and imagine it, white frame, black canvas. The  canvas slips right off the chair, so my plan is to not try and make new canvas in a color I like, but to paint the fabric. Yes paint it. I found some stuff online called Simply Spray Fabric Paint. It is supposed to completely change the color of your fabric. You can only go from a light fabric color to a dark fabric color, I have it in black so I think I will work just fine. I have had this stuff laying around for 6 months waiting to use it on something and this is the perfect project.

  I think this chair will rock when its all finished as a new desk chair. Most importantly it is super comfy too, and for $2.00 is the icing on the cake! I'm crossing my fingers the sun gods will will shine down here soon so that I can get it done...
Oh and by the way I am not getting paid to talk about the fabric spray paint, I don't get paid for anything I speak of, all the products I talk about are products I personally buy. 

I am exited to get this project going, I will post all the progress and how the fabric paint worked out for me. Here is the chair again just for fun... with Mr. Chevy...have a wonderful day!!

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