Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Target Threshold Coral Duvet Set

Hey, hey guys!! I don't know why I wanna say "guys" I don't mean it in gender specific term, I think its just a California slang thing I guess.. Anyways my post today is about that brand I have been talking about A LOT lately, Target's Threshold Brand. I am just in love with everything from this brand! When I go to Target I don't specifically seek out this brand, but everything I am drawn to just so happens to be this said brand. Has that ever happened to you?

 I was walking through the isles of Target trying to get around all the people in a hurry trying to get to my destination (paper towels)  I found myself in the duvet, sheet isle and  this color just jumped out at me.. It was a lovely coral colored duvet set. I stopped in my tracks and pulled it off the shelf (it was the last one) and low and behold it was the Threshold brand! I thought man..this is so pretty..this would look so good with my dark blue and white quatrefoil duvet set , I need some color in my room. 

I thought maybe I can DIY this, find some fabric this color and make my own, but what are the odds I would find this same color and find it affordable? Needless to say this did come home with me..

Isn't it pretty?

Here is what it looks like on my bed..

See you guys soon!!

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