Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Spring is near, YEA and I am totally digging some spring colors, blues and corals especially. I was checking my email this weekend, and  I opened my new weekly ad email  from Target, and this brand called Threshold was allover the front pages. The curtains they were advertising on sale this week from this brand were beautiful, so springy. I had to take a trip to target and see them in person, and they were even more gorgeous in person! I have to say this brand (threshold) is totally on trend and the prices are affordable to boot. Its my "new" brand crush for sure. I couldn't leave target without picking up a set of these gorgeous ikat blue curtains:

 These curtains are really well made and they have substansial weight too, the fabric isn't thin and cheap.I think the back side of these are super pretty, I guess if you want you could reverse the seams and hang them this way as well. I often find myself liking the reverse side of fabrics more often than liking the fronts..

Such a great buy at $23.74( per panel). And just a heads up in store these come in 84 inches, but if you order them online they come in a longer length  which is 95 inches. I put in an online order for these guys because I need them to be 95 inches, I plan to hang them in the living room. When I get them I will post the pictures.

  Tomorrow I will share the agate pictures I made, that the blue curtains inspired. Whats your "brand crush"? Are you finding yourself drawn to spring colors lately?Have A Great Day!!

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