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 I know when I am shopping for a light fixture I can never find anything in a large scale that I can afford, I  think that they are always too small for the room. They end up looking like a speck of something on the ceiling instead of a fixture, well  this is a super easy way to get a large drum shade chandelier and Its a DIY which means you can make it look anyway your heart desires and it is large in size (24 inches round). My friend and I found this idea on how to do it... I decided to make mine pretty simple  in color and add some greek key trim in gold.

 If you would like to try it, here is what you will need: 

  • Two embroidery hoops large sized 24 inch (got mine from Joannes)
  • One bottle of Tacky Glue (Joannes)
  • Clips (Staples)  
  • One pack of Gridded Poster Board (Staples)
  • Fabric of your choosing I used 2.5 yards (White for me)
  • Greek key ribbon x 2 (Joannes)   

First separate your embroidery hoops and use the inside rings (the one without the screw in it), take out your  poster board and decide how long you want your shade to be (mine is 15 inches from top to bottom). Cut the poster board down to the size you like (that's were the grid comes in handy, the lines are already marked for you so that you can ensure your lines are straight).

Take your glue and make a line on the outside of the first hoop and glue on the poster board, then move to the second hoop and glue the poster board to that one. 

I used the clamps (pic above) to keep everything in place until it dried (about 10 minuets for drying).

Next, take your fabric (I used 2.5 yards for mine) wrap it around and mark your cut. Make sure you leave enough fabric on the outside to tuck in to the inside, (to hide the inside wood hoop).

After you have cut your fabric, its time to glue the fabric to the outside. While the shade is laying like this again put a line of glue at the top (where the hoop is) and line up the fabric and glue. I glued the fabric on both the top and the bottom at the same time just turning the shade as I went. (The brown fabric is what I tried before the white, didn't like it).

 As I glued I stopped and attached the clips again to hold the fabric in place as it dried, like this:

When I got to the end I folded under the fabric to make my seam, do it as straight as you can and glue just as you did the rest of the fabric. I left it to dry again with the clips on for about 15 minutes.

Once it was dry again, Take off the clips and now its time to fold the fabric under to cover the wood hoops.Just fold and glue into place and use the clips one last time.

Ok, after that is dry (15 min. again) its ribbon time. Take out the ribbon and again put a line of glue on the backside of the ribbon and just glue it to the top and the bottom. I didn't use the clips for this because the ribbon stayed in place just fine.

To hang this guy up (mine over an existing light fixture) I just got some of these and screwed  them into the top hoop and used some nylon string made an x pattern and just slip it over your existing fixture.

Its Done! Here it is all finished up! I hope my instructions are easy to follow, if you need any questions answered just give me a shout.

Here is the price breakdown:

  • Embroidery hoops $2.00 a piece (50% off Joannes coupons)
  • Glue (Already Had) but to buy is $ 2.50
  • Ribbon $ 3.00
  • Fabric (mine was 25 cents at a thrift store)
  • Poster board $3.00  
  • Screws for hanging $1.00
  • Nylon Rope (already had)
  • Clips (already had) but can buy at any office supply store
  • Grand Total: $13.75    not too shabby ehh

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