Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As you have heard me talk about before, my home is low on natural light. One of the the biggest  things I don't like about living here. I love lots of light and since living here I will never take that for granted again, believe me..I have a dilemma, I really enjoy plants in my home, it just livens up the place ya know?  I had to do some research on low light plants and I came up with my top five. If anyone wants to have plants and has limited natural light like I do, these I have found out should do just fine. Some of these names are a little on the spooky side..hehe,I wonder who comes up with these names?

1.Snake Plant 

(also known by the other  name of Mother-in-Law's Tongue)
These have long leaves that grow straight up and can reach 2 or 3 feet high! They are a desert plant, so don't over water. Let the soil dry out between waterings.

2.  Devils Ivy
Devil's Ivy (often also called Pothos) is a smaller climbing plant,  suited for hanging baskets or table-top pots. Its leaves are very green.  It will continue to grow in very long vines. You can let the vines hang free, or train the plant to grow upwards on a small trellis. 

3. Chinese Evergreen
This is the most popular shady-spot plant because it is easy on the eyes and will grow easily for just about anyone.The leaves are large up to (1 ½ feet long). This plant to me looks like a tropical plant and can really take up some space. 

4.  Peace Lily
Peace Lily's are  gorgeous and grow huge white flowers and have large, dark green leaves, this being different because most low light plants are only foliage.

5.  Spider Plant
Spider plants are one my favorites. They have gorgeous Green long leaves and they do great in a kitchen or bathroom mainly because these these two rooms have steam(from showering or cooking).

Hope this helps with choosing plants for low lighting, seeing pictures always helps me too!!   Have a great day!

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  1. The ONLY three plants I have ever successfully kept alive are all on this list! :) I seriously NEVER remember to water my poor mother in law tongue. It doesn't even grow. It just sits there, stagnant. :)


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