Monday, March 17, 2014


 I loved how my bi-fold doors came out so much that I decided to also pretty up my hall cabinet doors too! I used the same materials as I did in the bi-fold door project, MDF trim, wood glue and wood filler, that's it! Fast, and easy I promise. 

I roughly sketched out some idea of the door design...

At first I thought about just simply framing them out with no real "design", but then I thought that was no fun and if I am gonna do this it cant be too "plain". I didn't want a real busy pattern either, I have a love for graphic patterns everywhere else in my house so I didn't want to compete.

I decided to go with sketch number two, almost similar to three but without the added trim on the insides of the doors. 

Here is what they looked like before: Pretty plain and in need of a paint job..

Here was my first step:
First I measured the width and length of the doors an calculated how much trim I would need, I purchased 16 feet of mdf which was plenty and it only cost me $4.23!

I cut my trim down, basically to "frame" the outside edges.
Next I cut 8 small squares (of the same mdf trim) all the same size, and applied them to all the corners after I "framed" out the edges. I used my brad nailer and wood glue to apply all the trim. 

After I cut my trim down it literally took my like 5 minutes to apply it, so easy! Cutting it was super fast too. 

Next I used wood filler to fill in all the gaps so that it looks as seamless as possible.
After the wood filler dried, I sanded it down, gave it two coats of paint, and I was finished!

Paint still wet in this pic :)

Not bad for a $4.23 project! Now my doors have some pizazz and personality!

Here is a before and after just for kicks again..



I don't think I have anything else to "trim" out on my list yet, but I am eyeballing those kitchen cabinet doors.. so maybe I will tackle those too, but I haven't decided yet :) 

Are you guys doing some projects to spicen plain things up in your home? I think its that time of year! See you soon.

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