Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blue Ikat and Black and White Stripes

Hi Guys! Hope your new year is off to a great start! I have had a long vacation this season to spend time with the family and make new memories, it has been great, but its time to get back to normal which I am also exited about!

My mother in law was here for a week from Los Angeles visiting for the holidays and she is always up for a good shopping trip, my kind of lady! She says that things are much different up here in Northern California, that the thrift stores are cheaper and have much better stuff, and the sales are better here too? Who would have thought that? I thought for sure it would be better in a big city, but according to her, no. Maybe its just there is less people here, so more stuff left to shop for.. maybe that's it.

My Shopping buddy(mother in-law) and I were at Ross looking for some after Christmas deals and I ran into this really cool blue and white Ikat rug! It's a 5x7, 100% cotton (yea can wash it) and the price was soooo good, $26.99!! For a 5x7 rug that is unheard of! I couldn't walk away from a deal like this so It came home with me. Rugs are right up there with my pillow hoarding problem... 

The black and white striped basket I found at Target, its from the RE Style Collection, its perfect for holding my Christmas gift (a Silhouette Cameo) supplies! My hubby did good this year with his gift!  The basket was $24, a little pricy but I couldn't resist, I had some Christmas gift money to spend.

I am doing some re-arranging again, got the itch after I started taking down the Christmas decorations. After I am all done I will show you guys what I managed to change up. 

This week  I will be talking about accent pieces, chairs in particular! I have a problem with those too..See you soon!

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