Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Hi Guys! Hows Your New Year coming along? So far so good ? I hope so!

I wanted to share with you guys today this fabulous resource guide by One Kings Lane they call their "Home Decor Resource Guide". This is a great, informative page filled with all the information you could ask for about Statement chairs and lots of other furniture. It covers history,style,time periods, everything you would need to know to identify any chair! Wouldn't this make a great App for those who shop thrift stores and antique shops?

 One of my favorite subjects is Statement Chairs (wish this was taught in school I would have definitely aced this class) I LOVE me some chairs and find that my home is definitely not in need of these, I have them in every room! And why you say? Because they make me happy, and of course the obvious, everyone needs a place to park their tushes after a long day, or just a day at home hanging out with your family, right? Maybe you need some extra seating for when company comes over, or maybe you just have the ONE chair that is your vocal point in a room that makes you smile when you walk into that room? Escaping to a room to read a good book. With every room's decor add in another style statement chair, you can never go wrong with a cute chair in my opinion. Not sure how to incorporate your own statement chair into your decor?  Here is some great tips on how to do this on their web site.

Statement chairs always will and always have been  a vital part of design and function, they can "make" a room, adds that extra something, something to a space, ya know what I mean?  They can really define your personal taste too. When I walk into a home I can most of the time sum up a persons taste by just looking at what style their furniture is. Its kinda a fun game for me! Not always does this formula of mine work, I have several friends that have many different "styles" happening but the important thing is to make them cohesive with one another, like similar fabric choices or painting in similar colors, the possibilities are endless!

I am such a HUGE chair fan, think I already said that, but just wanna be clear on this subject,I and cant imagine my home without them. I have to say that I also LOVE the thrill of the hunt for awesome chairs . One Kings Lane is a great place to find that this is "THE ONE" I have to have it piece.

 "THE ONE" statement chair I had to have in my home is definitely my Chinese Chippendale Arm Chair, well really I have three. But I just Love the details with the fretwork and the fact that on a whim I can repaint them or change out the seat fabric for a whole new look. Like this..

Changing out the fabric is fast and easy and can totally change up the look, gotta love fast and easy! Here are some photos of my go to Statement Chair, I throw a pillow in the back and read a book to escape sometimes, I love this little spot in my room.

The next time I am on the hunt for a new statement chair I will be referring to One Kings Lane's Decor Resource Guide, it can really make the choice a lot easier with their tips.

Hope you all have a terrific day, and I will see you soon!


  1. I just found your blog and I love it. Very inspirational I love all the color in your house. Will keep on reading.


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