Monday, February 3, 2014


I was out at my local thrift shop last week browsing around, really just wasting a little time before an appointment, no better place to waste time in my opinion, I went to the lighting section looking for a small lamp for my desk, something with a small base to leave as much room as possible for my things and spotted this awesome solid brass pharmacy light! Holy cow I have wanted one of these for a while and who would have thought I would find one at a thrift store?  I thought to myself "I have to get over there  to that shelf where it  is sitting to snatch it before someone else does" (yes this has happened to me more than once, someone snagging something before I could get to it)I walked very fast but not so fast that I drew any attention to myself (at least I hope not). I tried to pick it up all not shalontly and almost dropped it on the floor! This baby is super heavy! This is a good sign, its not a cheapie light weight light,nope it sold and heavy and brass! Woohoo!

It has some tarnish that badly needs to be cleaned but nothing that some brasso and a good scrubbing cant fix.I hope to get this done soon. Maybe that's what deterred other buyers, but I can see the potential in things, some tarnish and dirt I can see through.I found my new  desk lamp, and I am in love, its the perfect size and it was crazy cheap!

Any one else find a great deal on something thrift shopping recently? Do you think thrift stores hold some great treasures? I do! See you guys soon!


  1. Great find! Yes, I love when I find something cheap and original.

  2. Me too Angietrue! Thrift stores are a great place for that :)


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