Monday, February 10, 2014


Have you ever found yourself in a store where they are having some outrageously good sales, sales that are so good that your heart races and palpitates with excitement, and walk away with something that you don't need or doesn't serve a purpose or function, but its so beautiful and cheap you cant walk away? This happened to me ( shameful me) a couple weeks ago. 

We were in San Fransisco for another one of my little ones doctor appointments, after all of our business was taken care of we ventured around a little with the help of our GPS of course, its crazy in the city, you WILL. Get . Lost.. and I stumbled upon a West Elm, I have NEVER been to this store,(I know crazy right) only browsed online but never physically been to an actual store,  I walked in a was in Love! But before actually going inside of the store while I was parking I noticed that at the back of this West Elm in the back parking lot workers were stacking and unloading stuff from what looked like their stock room leaning things against the building and laying rugs, lights, all kinds of things out, then came  the sign that said 70% off everything! Jackpot! I parked and noticed other people starting to walk that way, I spotted something while walking (okay speed walking) something shimmering from the sun shining on it. A Capiz Shell Chandelier! It was gorgeous, and had no price tag...I thought this has gotta be pricey, but I will ask anyways, which I did, when the lady said she would let me have it for $20.89 (.89 is code for no returnable I guess) I had a heart palpitation! A few of them! 

I didn't NEED it and really didn't know where I could use it, but I just couldn't walk away from it because of the price and it was gorgeous. I love you West Elm! Lets just say I am always going to try my best to hit this store every trip :)

I decided to put her above my coffee table in the living room, I have never tried this idea before but I gotta say I love how it looks. When the sun coming from my window shines on it it makes me happy, $20 for a happy room isn't so shabby.

I am trying to hide those dreadful popcorn ceilings...and I have not figured out how to get rid of that  reflection from my mirror, it drives me nuts, but you can see the beauty of those shells!

Are you a sucker for a sale? I guess I am officially a sale sucker these days..

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  1. yes me too, everytime im at target. I've had to make some returns because when i bring them home i just dont have space for them.:(


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